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By | May 12, 2015

Hello dear readers! For you to be reading this post must mean that you have already made researches on the Hario Buono Kettle, or gooseneck kettles in general. Gooseneck kettles give you a huge advantage when making coffee, most especially if you’re using the pour over method. I cannot stress the ease and efficiency of using a gooseneck kettle over any other regular kettle. But for now, let’s talk about the Hario Buono Kettle.

The Hario Buono comes in two variants, the stovetop variant and the electric variant. As the electric variant always boils your water to boiling point and has no temperature control, you’ll do better with another brand of gooseneck kettle. So for this post, let’s focus on the Hario Buono stove top gooseneck kettle.

Variants of the Stove Top Kettle

The Kettle comes in 2 variants:

Hario Buono KettlesThe Hario 1.0 Liter Kettle on the left of the image and the Hario 1.2 Liter Kettle on the right.

Hario Buono Price Comparisons1As for price difference, there’s only about a $4 difference between the two kettles at Amazon. I’d suggest buying the 1.2 Liter version so you can contain more water. It serves about 4 cups of coffee and has a practical capacity of 800 mL, meaning fill it until 800 mL if you’re boiling it over stove top to prevent water from spilling over the kettle. If you’re boiling on an electric kettle and transferring water to the Buono,  you could fill the kettle up to its full capacity.

Kettle Performance

While it’s priced lower than the other kettles, it’s definitely no pushover when it comes to performance. With the correct angle, you could make the Hario Buono pour drops of water instead of a stream. This goes to show that with the correct pressure and angle, you could virtually control every aspect of water flow strength and volume.

What Coffee Making methods could the Hario Buono Cater to?

The Hario Buono work best with the pour over method. Wedge-types like the Kalita 102 and cylindrical-types like the Hario V60 and Chemex fall into this category. For the other types like the French press and Aeropress, The Hario Buono’s small spout does make the pouring a lot more accurate and easy. In the world of manual coffee brewing, you could use Hario Buono in all sorts of applications.

Pouring Accuracy

Gooseneck Kettle PouringFor pouring accuracy, it takes practice to properly be able to get the pouring accuracy you want. When it’s full, the Hario Buono pours at a relatively good flowrate. Towards the end, the flowrate changes and you’ll have to adjust the angles. The flow starts to become inconsistent at about the last 15% water volume.

Once you’re used to it though, using and controlling the Hario Buono becomes so much easier. The learning curve of using the Hario Buono is not steep at all. You could already master it within 5 pours. A great trick for this is to practice with plain water over a sink first before making your first brew.

Hario Buono Kettle Customer Reviews

Hario Buono Amazon ReviewOther higher priced gooseneck kettles might have have better control than the Hario Buono, An example of this is the Takahiro kettle. But those kettles will set you back for double the price of the Hario. But the sheer number of buyers who have made comments says it all. The Hario Buono kettle is a quality kettle with a good price point.

Should I Buy the Hario Buono?

For a pour over kettle, I am very pleased with the Hario Buono. I really recommend this kettle to any starting or intermediate brewers. I’ve even talked to baristas and advanced brewers who use the Hario Buono and are very happy using it. For the price and quality, the Hario Buono is a must buy for your coffee brewing needs.

Do you have any experiences about using the Hario Buono kettle? Share them on the comments below!


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  1. Michelle Medeiros

    Very nice review!
    I really like the way you write about this kettle! I’m a coffee lover and now I really felt like buying one of these.
    Also, I really liked your website. I will be returning here for more tips like this.
    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Darwin Post author

      Hi Michelle. Thanks for your comment!

      Yeah I love coffee too and because of the kettle, I could now make better cups of coffee without struggling with my pouring technique. More content will be up soon so thanks and see you soon 🙂



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