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Are Burr Grinders Better Than Blade Grinders?

There has been a lot of discussion about burr grinder vs blade grinder when it comes to preparing coffee. And in recent years, we’ve seen burr grinders catch up in popularity to blade grinders. Burr grinders have now become a necessity in coffee preparation and brewing. We see homes that have espresso machines and burr… Read More »

Being Tamed by Coffee

I wrote earlier that I have gotten the necessary equipment for making home brewed coffee. Since then, I have brewed with quite a number of various beans, Ethiopian Arabica and Kenyan Arabica single origins to name a few. Granted that my brewing experience is very limited, I must say that using pour over brewers are… Read More »

Home Brewed Coffee Starting Equipment

When starting out with your home brewed coffee experience, I learned that it is necessary that you get the proper items to produce excellent coffee. Here’s a list and some information on the necessary and optional items that you’ll need: NECESSARY ITEMS: 1. Freshly Roasted Whole Coffee Beans I wrote this first because this probably ranks first… Read More »

Home Brewed Coffee Lab Adventure Begins

I started this coffee journey two weeks ago, which was around late January 2015, after I found out that there are better ways on how one could come up with a great cup of coffee at home. I used to buy my coffee already ground and have always finished the pack in a long time… Read More »

Kalita 102 Dripper – Is it any good?

We’ve all heard about the Kalita Wave series. It practically took the industry by storm and is now up there with the likes of Hario V60 and Chemex as rulers of the pour over brewers. But Kalita still has another product that isn’t as popular that’s called the Kalita 102 Dripper. The Kalita 102 Dripper… Read More »