Home Brewed Coffee Lab Adventure Begins

By | February 11, 2015

I started this coffee journey two weeks ago, which was around late January 2015, after
I found out that there are better ways on how one could come up with a great cup of
coffee at home. I used to buy my coffee already ground and have always finished the
pack in a long time (because I buy in bulk). I was wondering why after some time, the
coffee started tasting like water.

One day, after I bought a new pack of coffee, I was surprised by how strong the flavor
in the new pack was! That’s when I started searching about how to make coffee at home.

To my surprise, making the perfect cup of coffee at home actually takes a lot more
than what I knew! I was using a blade grinder and an auto drip coffee maker. Then I
found out other things like burr grinders, different ways of making coffee, and
different kinds of beans and the importance of their freshness.

We’ll look into the different ways of making coffee and the the necessary equipment to
make it in the near future.

The adventure begins!

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